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Google vs. Yirika

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Google vs. Yirika

Data Pathfinders choose Yirika over Google

yirika-main-screen-450x390For the last 2 years the team at Data Pathfinders have been developing a brand new alternative search engine that researches the web for topics that interest you and it’s called Yirika . Unlike Google and other search engines, Yirika isnt a one hit search engine, Yirika continues to search for and find relevant content on the web and returns the results onto it’s own Business and Personal dashboards enabling you to keep your topics of interest separate from each other.


Why the Data Pathfinders chose Yirika for their new Search Dashboard.

Firstly it must be made clear as declared above the Data Pathfinders team developed Yirika, but it is a completely separate application and they wanted to create a search dashboard that would be useful and unique for it’s clients. When looking at what type of search engine would suite a business intelligence dashboard things became quite apparent.

We have become so used to using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo that we almost live our internet lives around them, but how much time is wasted using these search engines, and how relevant are they really when it comes to results?

Google vs. Yirika

Google is the largest of them all, so what are the limitations of Google?

  • Time consuming – No search is saved, so multiple searches are required
  • Relevancy – Only 14% of the results page of Google are relevant to yur search term
  • Privacy – Google tracks you and your searches and uses that for its display advertising
  • SEO – Search results are affected by crafty SEO gurus that manage to fool the Google algorithms.

Why is Yirika different?

  • Automated – One search entry results in an ongoing search for content
  • Better results – With an 85% plus relevancy all your results are what you are looking for.
  • Saved Searches – All your search results are saved and displayed on your dashboard.
  • Personal Search – Each search sends out a bot for your topic and therefore does not need to track what you do, delete your topic and your bot is gone
  • Content – The Yirika personal bots search for semantic structured and unstructured data and understands the content and its relevancy to your search, so the only way for SEO gurus to be found with Yirika is to create relevant content. Yirika does not rely on keywords.

Is Yirika a replacement for Google, Bing or Yahoo?

The answer to that question is definitely NOT. Google, Bing and Yahoo are great at finding immediate answers to many of our questions. They have already spidered the web for information and stored the information in their database, but the results we get from these search engines are dictated by them.

Yirika sends out onto the web what is called a personal intelligent agent (your own spider bot just for your search term) and once it finds relevant content for your search topic returns this to your dashboard (called webwalls). It is in effect an alternative search engine or as Yirika likes to be known, a ReSearch Engine.

How many times have you entered the same search term into Google? The answer is most likely hundreds of times as we often have particular interests both personally and professionally.

Yirika complements the big search engines by providing a permanent 24/7 ReSearch facility that you can save your searches and visit the personal and business ‘webwalls’ when you want to see the results of your search.

Yirika is about to launch in the next month or so. You can visit Yirika’s website to find out more about this innovative way of searching the web.

Here at the Data Pathfinders we will be creating a Yirika ReSearch Dashboard that can be customised for companies that want to use this facility. An example of this would be lets say a technology company only wants its employees to search for technology based information we can tailor this to their specific needs and reduce the amount of time wasted by employees using the big search engines.

If you have any comments about Yirika or would like to know more about how we will be including this ReSearch Engine Dashboard into our Business Discovery Platform, then please leave a comment below or contact us for a discussion on the topic.

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