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Business Intelligence Questions and Answers

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Your Questions about Business Intelligence

What is Data Discovery?

Data Discovery enables everyday business users to interrogate data to answer their own questions about the data rather than requesting the IT department to provide those answers. The medium of this presentation is normally but not exclusively found in online visualisations. In short Data Discovery provides actionable insights to business users.

What is the difference between Data Discovery and Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a report requested by the business user to the tech department who create a static detailed snapshot of the requested data. Data Discovery is normally a web based platform that allows business users to interrogate the data live in a graphical easy to understand format enabling the business user to ask the questions directly.

What are the benefits of Data Discovery to the business user?

Business users no longer need to rely on the IT department to interpret the business data, the business user is now empowered to ask the questions directly on a web based platform.

What does a Data Scientist do?

A Data Scientist is a relatively new job description, it has emerged from the traditional data analyst role. The Data Scientist has a all the qualities of the data analysts with the addition of strong business acumen with the ability to communicate findings to all end users regardless of their technical abilities. A great Data Scientist will pick out the right problems that have the most value to the individual organisation.