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Connecting databases to your Business Intelligence

Data Pathfinders connect all your data and analayse the data within its it own secure data warehouse to find the hidden insights in your data ready to be output to your dashboards. We have thousands of connectors that will connect to just about every dataset on the planet. Here are just some of the recent connections we have been using.

If you don’t see a connector, or have concerns about security connecting to your internal databases then give us a call 0n +44 (0) 1202 901 311, the likelyhood is that we have connected to it.

Internal Database Connectors







External Database Connectors

alexa bi connector

Campaign Monitor BI Connector

github BI Connector


linkedin bi connector

Connect to Mixpanel


Connect to Recurly

Amazon Web Services BI Connector

Etsy BI Connector

Google Adwords BI Connector



Connect to QuickBooks Online

Connect to Shopify

Connect to MOZ


EventBright BI Connector

google alerts bi connector

YouTube BI Connector

itunes bi connector

Connect to Magento


Connect to PayPal


Facebook BI Connector

Google Analytics BI Connector

instagram bi connector

Connect to MailChimp

Connect to WooCommerce


Connect to Vimeo

bing bi connector

facebook ads bi connector

Google Plus BI Connector

klout bi connector

Connect to Go To Webinar

Connect to XCart

Connect to Pingdom

bitly bi connector

Connect to Flickr

Connect to Fresh Books

google webmaster tools bi connector

zendesk bi connector

Connect to Volusion

Connect to RSS Feeds