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Business Intelligence Dashboards

“We build BI Dashboards so you don’t have to.”


Business Discovery Platform

Multiple Business Intelligence Dashboards

The Business Discovery Platform enables you to manage all your BI Dashboards in one easy use to cloud based web platform for all your users.

The platform is free and you simply decide which dashboards to add to your own branded platform.


Business Intelligence Dashboards and Industries

We create business intelligence dashboards for any business, department or project, we also provide pre-configured dashboards connecting your data to some common business metrics and KPI’s to get you started.

Connecting to your Business Data

Save valuable time with real time access to your Business metrics & KPI’s

It’s all about getting real time access to what you need to know now, no more requesting information from departments and third party supplier and waiting for a response.

Our Business Intelligence Dashboards not only connect to your internal databases such as MySQL databases but to an infinite number of public and external databases enabling your dashboards to display exactly the information you need in one one place.

We connect to over 12000 public and private services.


An image showing how connecting datasets provides Business Intelligence Dashboards

This image displays an Interactive Business Intelligence Dashbaord

Data Discovery and Data Mining

Hidden actionable insights into your business

With ability to connect to multiple datasets both internally and externally we are able to analyse your data be it small or big data and discover what is really hidden in your data.

Ask a Key Performance Question and we will find the answers in your data or simply allow us to discover what’s in your data for you.

Intrigued to find out to start your data discovery journey and find out what’s really in your data then contact us to find out.

Find out how to manage your business, department or project from one platform

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