Business Discovery Platform

The All In One resource to manage your business, department and projects

Business-Discovery-Platform-Data-PathfindersReports, Power Point Presentations, Spreadsheets, PDF’s Google this Google that. Businesses both large and small have vast amounts of information scattered around not only their organisations but around the internet as well.

Whilst the Internet has given us the ability to find out information and store data, this data is fragmented and often stored and never used.

Our Business Discovery Platform changes all that by connecting your data in one place so you have a birds eye view on what is going on in your business, department or project, 24/7.


The Business Discovery Platform houses all your dashboards whether they are:

When you engage us to create a dashboard we provide your own branded Business Discovery Platform that you can house your dashboards, add users and even limit users as to the visibility of each dashboard.

You may add an unlimited amount of users.

The Business Discovery Platform enables you to empower your colleagues, employees and clients if required to drive your business objectives and goals.

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If you would like to keep all your dashboards on one platform we provide our platform free of charge, so why not try it today.

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Business Discovery Platform containing the Business Intelligence Dashboards

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Business Discovery Platform
The Business Discovery Platform is provided free of charge to manage your business dashboards.