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We create Business Intelligence Dashboards so you don’t have to.

What we do

Our mission is to help your business Get SMART with the least amount of effort creating business intelligence dashboards.

The relatively recent explosion of requirements for BI Dashboards has led to a vast amount of visualisation vendors creating self service products. Whilst these vendors are producing some amazing functionaility, often end users find it difficult to action, dashboards do not just require a drag and drop facility, they require thought first about what the dashboard should display.
With your business data scattered around departments and the internet, we help you define your business metrics and KPI’s and combine into one platform of easy to use business intelligence dashboards.

We don’t stop there, we analyse and discover hidden insights and trends that enables you to empower your colleagues to drive your business objectives.

What we have done this month

Business Discovery Platforms Created

BI Dashboards Created

Data Analysed

Coffee Drunk

Who we are

Data Pathfinders are a new start-up of Internet Technologists and Data Scientists with a passion for discovering hidden value in your data and visualising the results for you to make informed actionable business decisions.

We provide easy visibility into your business with a birds eye view of your business through easy to understand visual dashboards using our own proprietary visualisation software and third party vendors, to ensure you get the best of all the visualisation products available on the market.

We are a Full Service Business Intelligence Agency that takes the pain out of identifying KPI’s, Business Metrics and building dashboards.

How Data Pathfinders work

Your business, department or project are unique, and you need specific requirements, for your Business Discovery Platform and dashboards. We allocate each of our clients with an account manager and a data scientist, who will help you to collate and analyse your data  and resources enabling you to make timely actionable decisions.

Account Director

After appointing the Data Pathfinders as your preferred agency you will be appointed an Account Director who will drive the project to ensure your Business Discovery Platform and dashboards are configured specifically to your requirements and ensure the project is completed in a timely fashion.

Data Scientist

Few can say they have their own Data Scientist on board. Now you can,  you will be appointed a dedicated Data Scientist who will discover the questions you really want to know within your connected data and will provide you with insights you have most likely never seen before and give you that advantage over your competition.

Data Pathfinders details

We create Business Intelligence Dashboards so you don't have to.
23 Hinton Road
Bournemouth, Dorset
Phone: +44 01202 901 311

Want to know more?

For a plain english overview of how we could help you, and how our Business Discovery Platform and Dashboards can help you make sense of your data, please contact us to find out more.