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Marketing BI Dashboard

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Marketing Dashboard

Marketing Dashboard

Marketing Campaigns on one Business Discovery Platform

Monitoring Marketing Campaign progress is essential for marketing professionals, however even more important is ensuring the ROI goals are met and even measuring the actual ROI of the campaign.

Our Marketing Dashboards enable marketing professionals to stay on top of their campaign and not loose focus.

We energise up your Marketing Dashboard

Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, Department Reporting, Databases are just a few of the fragmented resources marketing departments need to gather up to monitor and make decisions.

With our marketing dashboard we connect all your data and provide it all in one easy to use Business Discovery Platform.

This a mySQL Logo - Marketing Dashboard Connector

This the Microsoft Dynamics Logo - Marketing Dashboard Connector

Excel Spreadsheet - Marketing Dashboard Connector

SQL Server for Marketing Dashboard connectors

Discover trends and problems

This is where the Data Pathfinders get to work, once we have connected to your data sources, we analyse your data and discover the insights into your data and identify any potential problems to enable you to action them straight away.

Our data scientists and dashboarder’s work to identify trends and discoveries that give you actionable insights that are nearly impossible to find in spreadsheets and PowerPoint Presentations.

Image showing the Business Discovery Platform for the Marketing Dashboard

Access your Marketing Dashboard from your Business Discovery Platform

Add your Marketing Dashboard to your own personalised Business Discovery Platform. Our permission based platform enables you to assign permissions to users ensuring only specified users within your organisation can view your Marketing Dashboard.

Common Marketing Dashboard Business Metrics include:

Additional Marketing Dashboard KPI’s could include:

  • Total Revenue
  • Revenue Growth
  • Net Profit
  • Net Profit Margin
  • Gross Profit Margin
  • ROI – Return On Investment
  • Cash Flow
  • Working Capital Ratio
  • ROCE – Return On Capital Employed
  • Operating Profit Margin
  • EBITDA – Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation
  • Total Shareholder Return
  • Economic Value Added
  • ROA – Return On Assets
  • ROE – Return On Equity
  • Debt To Equity Ratio
  • OER – Operating Expense Ratio
  • CAPEX to Sales Ratio
  • P/E Ratio

Some of the connectors we use to build your Marketing Dashboards







Find out how to manage your marketing campaigns from just one platform

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