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Data Pathfinders Agency Partner Programme

WOW your clients, prove your clients KPI’s & ROI’s live

All agencies know how difficult it is to prove ROI’s and KPI’s. Ensuring your clients get value for money to ensure a continued relationship and pipeline of work is key to a successful agency.

No matter whether you are a digital agency, marketing agency, Social Media agency or a PR agency, we can help.

Providing live metrics online in a an easy to read and understand dashboard with a white label portal is second nature to us. We can provide that crucial missing link that face most agencies today, proving the worth.

Our live Business Discovery Portals and Dashboards enable your clients to monitor, interrogate and provide feedback on key campaigns.

A simple Event Management Agency example

An event agency has been tasked with running a large business conference and not only is it required to provide logistics, but also the pre event marketing.

A Business Discovery Portal is created specifically for this event and the addition of customised dashboards enables the client to monitor the pre event marketing efforts, including:

  • How the email marketing is executed
  • Who opened the emails
  • Who clicked through
  • Who signed up on the registration marketing website

The client can then monitor live how registrations are going in real time, including:

  • How many people have registered
  • How many people have paid
  • Total revenue so far, including sponsors
  • Comparisons to previous year as of today
  • The global reach
  • Where the registrants found the conference on the web
  • Which websites are promoting the conference

The metrics available are endless and the insights and trends provided ensure you manage the pre event, the event and post event activities to the maximum. Once the client has used the Business Discovery Portal they never look back.

Our Agency Partner Programme

Give your clients something that makes your agency sticky!

Learn more about our Agency Partner Programme and how our Business Discovery Portals
will maintain your client loyalty.