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Get Organised

A business, department or project should always have a business objective and the smart manager knows that empowering their colleagues and clients with the authority to drive the business goals is the key to success.


Managing your business, department or project can be hard enough, but without all your business information being readily to hand for you and your colleagues it makes it even harder to achieve your business goals. Empower yourself, your colleagues and even your clients with smart business intelligence dashboards that will drive your business goals.


Strategy – Define your strategic priorities

Business Metrics and KPI’s

Defining your business goals is the key to achieving your business objective. With clearly defined business goals you can create a set of Key Performance Questions to enable you to define your business metrics and Key Performance Indicators . Once these metrics have been defined only then will you know what data to collect and analyse.

If you already have your strategy map we will incorporate this into your dashboards.


Manage – Your data

Identify, Collect and Connect

Once your business metrics and KPI’s have been established we can start to collect the data from within and outside your organisation. It is important to keep to meaningful and relevant data specific to the business metrics and KPI’s identified.

How do we connect to this data? Leave that to us.

See just some of the commonly used connectors.


Analyse – Data Discovery

Discovering the hidden gems in your data

With your data has been connected and stored the Data Pathfinders will collect and store your data in a bespoke secure data warehouse in the cloud, that will enable our data scientists to crunch the data and discover insights into your business data never seen before. From this data warehouse a connection will be generated to output the discoveries onto your business intelligence dashboards for you to view and share with colleagues and clients.

Data Visualisation Dashboard

Review – The results

Visualising the data

As with any good process, reviewing and monitoring provides the platform to empower you and your colleagues to make informed decisions before taking action.

Our dashboards provide an easy to understand representation of your business metrics and KPI’s to drive your business on an easy to access Business Discovery Platform.

Trust and Empower your colleagues

Trust – Your colleagues

Empowering with authority to drive your strategy

Delegating authority has long been a complex and difficult process for managers. Our Business Discovery Platform with its interactive dashboards empowers your colleagues to make informed decisions based on your strategic objectives created at the beginning of the SMART process.

Giving your colleagues the authority to make decisions on their own within your business strategy gives your colleagues real worth within your organisation and the sense of real belonging along with the transparency they all crave for.

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