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Digital Marketing BI Dashboard

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Digital Marketing Dashboard

Digital Marketing Dashboard

Finally all your online marketing tools in one dashboard

Browser tabs open everywhere? Now you can monitor and manage your online marketing campaigns from just one dashboard. Our digital marketing dashboards enable you to:

  • Combine your analytics such as Google Analytics, Web Master Tools, and Google Adwords into one
  • Discover hidden trends, opportunities and potential issues
  • Monitor live 24/7

In today’s fierce digital marketing world it is vital that you keep up and monitor your online marketing activities and our Digital Marketing Dashboard provide an easy management tool.

Connect all your resources into your Digital Marketing Dashboard

We connect all your website, email and advertising data from around the web to provide a single Digital Marketing Dashboard that provides a single platform to monitor and manage your online marketing.

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SEMRush Connector

MOZ connector

Google Analytics connector

Google Webmaster Tools conector

Discover what’s really going on with your Digital Marketing

Once we have connected to your data sources, we analyse your data and discover the insights into your data to enable you to discover trends and problems with your Digital Marketing campaign live so you can take action straight away.

Image showing the Business Discovery Platform for the Digital Marketing Dashboard

Digital Marketing Dashboard as part of your Business Discovery Platform

Add your Online Marketing Dashboard to your Business Discovery Platform. Our permission based platform enables you to assign permissions to users ensuring only specified users within your organisation can view your dashboard.

Common Digital Marketing Business Metrics include:

Additional Digital Marketing Dashboard KPI’s include:

  • Unique Visitors (Live)
  • Unique Visitors (30D)
  • Average Time On Site
  • Bounce Rate
  • Audience Metrics Over Time
  • Global Reach
  • Website Conversions
  • Traffic Sources
  • Most Popular Pages
  • New Social Users
  • Conversion Rate %
  • Mobile vs Desktop Ratio
  • Page Load Speed
  • Mobile Page Speed
  • SEO Errors
  • SEO Warnings
  • Total Backlinks
  • Toxic Backlinks
  • Social Media KPI’s by type
  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletter Lists
  • Trend Warning Panels
  • Total onsite SEO Score
  • Facebook Likes
  • Google + Circles
  • YouTube Subscribers
  • Twitter followers

Just some of the connectors we use to build your Digital Marketing Dashboards

Google Analytics for Digital Marketing Dashboard

Google Webmaster Tools for Digital Marketing Dashboard

Google Adwords for Digital Marketing Dashboard


MOZ for Digital Marketing Dashboard


Find out how to manage your online digital marketing campaigns from one platform

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