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Custom Business Intelligence Dashboards

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Custom Business Intelligence Dashboard

When our Lite and Pro versions are just not enough

Sometimes our Lite and Pro Dashboards do not have the specific business metrics and KPI’s that your business needs. With your permissions our data scientists can connect up to your data sets and create specific KPI’s based on your requirements.

We use our ‘Get SMART‘ process to establish your KPI’s and generate your custom dashboards. You will be appointed a dedicated Data Scientist that will guide you along the process to build the exact KPI’s required for your bespoke dashboard.

Your new dashboard will be part of your Business Discovery Platform that we setup for you free of charge and will enable you to add dashboards whenever you wish.

Got some questions?

We would love to answer them

If you are not sure what data to connect to or even what you would like to see on your dashboard, we can answer these questions simply and quickly to get you started. To arrange a call about our dashboards request a call back and we let you in on a few of our secrets.