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Business Intelligence Dashboards

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Business Intelligence Solutions

To experience our Business Discovery Platform Demo and find out more about our pricing please request a demo and we will provide you with your own login details that will provide you with our all our Business Intelligence Solutions.

There is not one solution for every type of business requirement, for the uninitiated the minefield of available solutions for any one industry or department is bewildering. Some solutions are better suited to specific applications whilst others cover a broad spectrum.

We facilitate the best business intelligence solutions for your business and  create dashboards seamlessly without the need for data scientists and expensive training, providing both easily interpreted information and insights into your business .

Read more about Business Intelligence and what it is.


Business Overview Dashboard

A powerful tool for executives of all levels, the business overview dashboard provides a snapshot of the current situation with interactivity to drill down into the information to provide actionable insights to drive your business forwards.

Executive Summary KPI Dashboard

Senior executives need easily accessible information about their business. Often this information is distributed in a multitude of departments and often around the web. The executive KPI summary dashboard brings all the data into one easy to access dashboard.

Financial Overview Dashboard

Probably the most important of all dashboards. We provide not only the most common KPI’s and business metrics for all industries, we can identify the most important KPI’s specifically for your business and identify actionable insights.

Sales Dashboard

Motivate and empower your sales team with current sales, sales opportunities, product performance and integration with SalesForce all on one dashboard available on the road or in the office.

Marketing Dashboard

Measuring the results of a marketing campaign can be difficult at best when it comes to reporting. Our Marketing Dashboards provide live analysis of your marketing campaigns and provides the results ready for compiling the results.

Digital Marketing Dashboard

With a plethora of data spread across different channels like Google Analytics, Google Ads, SEO backlinks and key word research, our Digital Marketing Dashboards bring all this data together into one dashboard with interactivity between data sources to provide unique insight not normally available.

Social Media Dashboard

If you have ever tried to manage your Social Media communities you will know how difficult it is to manage all the channels in one place. Our Social Media dashboards enable you to extract the gold from your Social Media.

eCommerce Dashboard

Find out and explore where your customers are coming from, compare your product prices with your competition, identify which marketing campaigns are working, in fact ask any question and get the answer live.

Customer Service Dashboard

Providing up to date information, immediate responses, and investigating how your customer service processes are working ensures you not only gain new customers, but most importantly retain your existing customers for a solid future pipeline.

Event Management

Managing events is often complex with data from registration sites sketchy at best. Bringing all this data into one easy to monitor platform for both client and event manager provides the key to great communication.

Project Management

Project Management often consists of multiple resources deployed in many different ways including spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Gantt Graphs.  Bringing all this data into one easy to monitor platform for both client and project manager provides the key to great communication.

Custom Dashboards

We provide a number of Off The Shelf Dashboards in 2 different formats , Lite and Pro versions. Often clients require more detailed KPI’s and Metrics to meet their specific requirements. Our Custom Dashboards are built from scratch with your own defined KPI’s and Business Metrics.

Industry sectors


Forced with the task of continually improving their offering, the education sector is faced with identifying new and effective solutions using large amounts of data for both the authorities and the teaching staff.

Examples: Student Performance for Teachers, Online Reporting for Parents and Teachers, Education Reporting and Analysis.


The finance industry is awash with data from hundreds of different sources, providing a central resource to analyse data for internal use and for customer use enables quick decisions energising the decision making process for both internal decisions and sales.

Examples: risk analysis, what-if’s, web based investment monitors, loan analysis.


Government departments the world over face big data problems. They need to collate vast disparate datasets of information into meaningful data to enable them to effectively manage their policies. A government Data Discovery Portal provides the solution with connected data.

Examples: Crime Analysis, Census Management, Predictive Management


Be it government or privately funded Healthcare the world over is presented with the task of providing top class quality of care. The departments need to ensure efficiency and profitability remain at the core of its operations.

Examples: Admissions analytics, Medical Records, Trends and cost analysis


Analysing live data is the key to profitability between customers, production and shipping. Having your data collated and analysed into one portal enables end users to monitor and drill down into the data to provide actionable insights.

Examples: Process & Production, Quality Assurance


The fast pace of the pharmaceuticals industry requires live data to act fast on decisions such as which drug to use at which time of the year, which drugs or combination of drugs attracts the most risk for patients and costs.

Examples: Drug Analysis, Risk Assessments, Costs Analysis

Real Estate

Real Estate agencies need to stay ahead of the competition to prosper, they need to provide their clients with customised market information that is live and up to date.

Examples: Market Analysis, Custom Reports, Valuation Analysis


The retail industry live or die dependant on the management of understanding customer sentiment, optimising pricing, and ensuring an efficient supply chain. They have the data but can they see the hidden trends in their data to make informed decisions effectively.

Examples: Pricing, Customer Behaviour


Be it hardware or software, the technology sector is fast moving and the ability for change needs to be implemented quickly to leverage the speed of conversation on the web. Understanding customer needs and predicting future requirements allows the technology customers to stay ahead.

Examples: Predictive Analysis, Product Feedback, Product Cost Analysis


Discover how customers really utilise your networks. Find actionable insights to enhance customer service and stay ahead of your competition. Unrivalled visibility enables you to identify potential new offerings, effectively utilise your resources and identify trends before the competition.