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Business Intelligence and Data Discovery

A Bird’s Eye View on your business

Is your critical business information scattered around your organisation and the web?

The answer in most cases is yes. When trying to get an easy picture of your how your business is performing, and what is going on generally means you need to gather information from lots of different sources. You have to request information from different departments, have multiple tabs open in your internet browser then probably try and collate all this information into an excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation.

We bring all this information together into one portal or dashboard and enable you to drill down and ask questions with immediate results.


How data is connected to your Data Discovery Dashboards | Data Pathfinders


We connect just about any data from anywhere in your organisation and anywhere on the web. With this data we can create a fully blown portal of information or a single dashboard. Our portals and dashboards enable you to have full live visibility of your financial, marketing, sales information and just about anything else you would like to view and interrogate.

Every Data Discovery Portal and Dashboard is:

  • Custom Build for your business requirements
  • Built by the Data Pathfinders using technology suited to your industry
  • Connected live to all data sources
  • Available to share
  • Available on all mobile devices

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We analyse your data to find the hidden gold

Our Data Discovery Dashboards and Data Discovery Portals don’t just report the data they are interactive and allow you to interrogate the data in a visual format enabling you to discover trends and issues that you will never have seen before. These trends and insights enable you to get the lead on your competitors, see where costs are being generated, and even compare your product performance with your competitors.

Every Data Discovery Portal and Dashboard
enables you to:

  • Monitor your key metrics 24/7
  • Have greater visibility and insight to better manage your business
  • Identify hidden problems and improve your business
  • Save time and have access to management reports when you want them
  • Ensure your business planning is on track
  • Motivate employees with performance dashboards

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An interactive dashbaord

An image displaying how a Social Media Dashboard is presented | Data Pathfinders


Live Portal and Dashboards 24/7

We provide a solution that suits your business be it small or a giant corporation. We provide Business Intelligence and Data Discovery Dashboards that not only collate the information but intelligently use the connected data to allow you to interrogate the data in a visual format thats easy to view. Our Data Discovery Portals are secure bespoke microsites that provide all your information with the ability to cover your whole business from financial to marketing to web analytics for the full picture and interrogation.

Our products:

  • Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Data Discovery Dashboards
  • Data Discovery Portals

For a demo of our products arrange a call back and we would be delighted to show off how this all works.